Wayne-Liver Recipient

  In 2008 I began to feel ill and found out I needed a liver transplant. I thought I was a very healthy person, working as a police officer. I was placed on the transplant list at Jewish Hospital, in Louisville, Kentucky. On September 22, 2011, I finally got the call I was waiting for, the hospital had a liver for me. The transplant went well, and I was able to go home in a few weeks.

After about a month I started feeling bad again and went back to the hospital. I was told that the liver had some type of issue, (not a rejection) and that I would need another transplant.

On November 26, 2011, I received my second transplant. After three years I was able to return to work. I never thought I could return to work after my transplant, much less as a police officer, but I did!!! I am so grateful to my HERO organ donors, and their families for giving me a second chance at life. I am also so thankful for the great doctors, and nurses at Jewish Hospital who have been with the entire time. I urge everyone to be an organ donor, I would not be alive today without them.