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Dana Bledsoe – Mom of double-lung recipient, Jessica

daughter photos after transplantMy daughter Jessica was diagnosed at the age of 2 months with Cystic Fibrosis. A fatal genetic disease. At the age of 19 she was listed to receive a double lung transplant. Her quality of life had really deteriorated after losing 20 pounds her first semester at college. She was, and still is, a fighter so she continued to take online classes even though just existing was hard. She would tire so easy that just walking across the house was a chore. She was on oxygen 24/7. But none of that stopped her. After a 14 month wait she received a call on the night of February 24 that the hospital had some lungs for her. She was at peace with the whole situation knowing that all would be well. And well it was. She was on her way home 8 days later. With minimal rejection and one bout of high blood sugar that put her in the hospital the past two years has been amazing. She is now back in school studying to be a Sign Language Interpreter. GOD IS GOOD!